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Why You Should Always Have an Updated CV

Updated: Jan 25

No one thinks to turn a candle off once the house is already on fire – that’s why they say hindsight is always 20/20. Similarly, no one who’s comfortable and happy in their jobs wants to update their CV. We’re all guilty of it. It can be time-consuming, and energy better spent doing other important, necessary things.

However, during the era of COVID-19 along with all the uncertainty that it brings, we are forced to prepare for situations we may not have otherwise. It’s a good lesson either way, because having an up-to-date CV is important for any working professional, at any point in time! Here’s why.

1. Circumstances change

When we talk about circumstances changing with regards to our career, there are two different ways it could play out: the worst-case scenario, or a new opportunity. The worst-case scenario would involve being let go for whatever reason, including reasons out of our control or that we may not have seen coming. The reality of the matter is that regardless of what we hope, circumstances can change at any moment.

During these times of uncertainty especially, it’s important to have an updated CV so that if anything were to compromise our job, we’d be ready to hit the ground running. Alternatively, sometimes opportunities present themselves unexpectedly. There may be a promotion at work that we want to pursue, or a headhunter might message us on LinkedIn about an opening that we’re the perfect fit for. Either way, we should have our CV on-hand to take full advantage!

2. Helps you understand your career objectives better

We start our careers extremely ambitious and hungry for success. We’re driven and willing to do everything it takes to climb our way to the top. Then after some time, the years pass, and we grow more and more comfortable. When we’re comfortable in a job, we fall into a bit of a cushy routine where we lose perspective of the goals and ambitions we once had. It’s suggested that every working professional update their CV every time their responsibilities or qualifications change significantly. Updating your CV helps you take inventory of your good work and evaluate if you feel you are being compensated fairly. It can also help you realise if maybe you’re at a stage in your life where you want to take on more responsibility or work. Self-awareness and career awareness are important, and updating your CV every couple of months helps you do some regular reflecting, to remain conscious of your goals or whether you’re perfectly comfortable where you are.

3. The best CV’s are created with a clear mind

In most situations, the best work is done with a calm, clear mind as opposed to with stress, panic and while being rushed. You don’t want to wait until someone is asking for your CV to start working on it. Be proactive, and take control of your career by updating your CV regularly. The confidence it will give you in itself is sure to attract more opportunities!

Don’t wait – take action.

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