• Adam Farrugia

Why should you choose a freelancer?

Updated: Jan 25

Thanks to the expansion of the internet, freelance designers are now able to find more work than ever before. What’s more, it may be more preferential for businesses to seek out freelance support rather than having to head straight for an agency. But why hire a freelance designer over an agency expert? What are the major differences? Let’s take a closer look.

Freelancers are More Cost-Effective

The cost-effectiveness of hiring freelance designers is massive. This is because you're only ever having to pay them for a certain period, or for a certain project or two. By working with an agency, or by hiring in-house staff, you're having to pay by the hour. You're also likely to be paying lower rates with a freelance expert. Agency hires are much more costly. This is thanks to the fact that there are additional fees placed on top of the hire. Agencies have to make money, too. But why should you have to pay extra for the same expertise? Why hire a freelance designer? It’s cheaper, end of story.

Freelancers are Flexible

A massive bonus to hiring a freelance designer lies in the fact that they can return work to you at short notice, and outside office hours. Freelancers, on the whole, work to the idea that they complete projects as and when they arise. They can be flexible around your needs, and what’s more, you can make arrangements with them in advance.

Agencies, of course, are much less flexible. You're likely to be bound to 9 to 5 hours, weekday contact, and there are even holidays to take into account. At least with a freelancer, you can make arrangements to work around each other's schedules.

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Freelancers are Direct

Freelance designers don’t hide behind corporate walls. There’s no risk of you being passed through a middleman, or risking losing crucial project information through agency channels. You get a direct, straightforward link to a freelance professional. Someone who can work directly for you, and who won't expect you to jump through any significant hoops at their end. Sure – there may be a few things to iron out before you get started, but the workflow is generally much more relaxed.

Think about it this way. Do you want to contact an expert, pay them for work, and for that work to be delivered on-spec? Or do you want to waste days at a time muddling through middlemen and external systems and processes? The choice is clear.

There’s Mutual Growth

Freelancers are always looking to build healthy professional relationships. With the right designer at your side, you could build a fruitful engagement you can come back to again and again. Need some brilliant designs turning around quickly? Just pick up the phone or email your freelance designer and check their availability. There’s no need for you to have to schedule meetings or go through agency rigmarole.

Working with a freelance designer means simple, direct communication. It also means fantastic results without the agency meddling. Interested in hiring a freelance designer or marketing expert for your brand?

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