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What to do whilst waiting for your professional CV rewrite

Updated: Jan 24

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If you have hired a professional CV writer to help make your CV stand out but you are confused as to what to do in the meantime, this article is for you.

There are a variety of things to do to support your future, such as really understanding what it is that you want out of life, and you can do this by using the people you know to help you in this. But it is also worth making your online presence appear professional as well. But the methods to do these are often overlooked, keep reading to find out what these are.

Understanding What you Want for Your Future

Pinning down what you really want for your future is so important whilst your professional CV writer gets to work. You likely have some idea of the direction you are going in but whilst you have this time, (time which is certainly going to shrink once you actually get that career) think about specific firms you would like to use this CV to impress, as your writer is likely to be writing to embellish you in a target industry!

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How ‘Looking’ Professional can be Almost as Important as Being Professional

When you use your new prestigious CV to get your dream job, it is so important to make sure your online presence really reflects what you want your recruiters to see you as. If you have a public Facebook with posts which you would prefer to keep hidden, it might be worth adjusting those privacy settings so that the professional display picture that you post matches the posts that come along with it. After all, employers are going to do everything they can to find out more about you, so your social media presence is extremely important.

Your LinkedIn Profile is also likely to be looked at, so do consider giving this an update to reflect your new CV, as this is a prime place for employers to look at when considering your application.

The Power of Networking

You have likely heard the quote that ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’, and this holds quite an important message. Networking is arguably one of the most important aspects of getting your ‘foot in the door’ at a specific company, as if a company already has a positive outlook on you, they are much more likely to take you seriously. This will benefit you in the long run, as if you match an outstanding CV with company contacts, you are likely to be placed light years ahead in the application process for your dream company. So really do consider tapping into your network, and that can be from anywhere, if you are a graduate, consider university professors, or whether there is someone you are particularly impressed by, consider making contact to build those relationships sooner rather than later, this will certainly help you once you receive your CV. At FAC3, we specialise in helping the best emerging talent to really shine through with our CV writing and marketing strategies. Get your #FAC3 on!


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