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Using the Right Wording to Make a Strong CV

Updated: Jan 25

It's not hard to be distracted in the modern era, and if you believe the study by Microsoft stated that the human attention span is only that of 8 seconds, distraction is easy to come by. This begs the question of how do you stand out in a sea of distractions and other tasks?

Hiring teams that are searching through a pile of CV's for the right candidate for their business are often busy people, but their choice in an employee is hardly random. Hiring managers will be deciding between multiple candidates when they sit down to shuffle through CV's, so it's critical that you find a way to grab their attention. By creating an attention-grabbing CV with strong direction and word choice that is professional, neat and well-crafted is essential to getting the attention of the recruiters.

Think about what you would want to read in a CV, would you want to read about how long projects take a person? Or how long the individual worked at a location or in a specific position? Chances are, CV's that focus too hard on explaining the roles don't demonstrate how you achieved goals and promotions. To grab the hiring team's attention, you want them to understand your strengths and commitments, so you want to be using a lot of verbs.

Consider words such as, demonstrate, improve, create, solve, attain, adapt, and organise as an example.

Instead of stuffing your resume with only the goals you achieved, you want to convey how you achieved these goals through your creativity, adaptability, and organisation, for example. These types of words can help you rephrase your CV and ensure that you're properly displaying and discussing your skills.

Not all verbs, however, are made for all CVs. While creating the perfect CV, you want to consider the skills you want to be conveying and what verbs are best suited for these roles. For example, if you are a more analytical person and want to portray that in your CV, you'd need words like, formulate, evaluate and verify. Whereas good communicators would choose words like influence, negotiate and moderate. When it comes to a good CV, word choice is everything, as it's the best way to both see your CV catch the attention of the reader, while still displaying why you are qualified for the position.

When writing a CV, you want to be taking ownership of your own achievements, displaying your confidence in your skills, and display that you are an incredible proactive person. As such, the phrasing of your CV needs to be carefully evaluated while you are writing. Don't be afraid to use the word "I" when you're talking about the progress or changes that happened as a result of your hard work. Don't sell yourself short; a CV is all about your qualifications and achievements that make you a valuable candidate and potential employee.

Writing a CV can be difficult, but a professional and well-crafted CV can boost your chances of being hired astronomically. You want to present the best version of yourself, and with the help of FAC3, you can find the perfect balance of emphasising your skills and accomplishments while remaining humble and genuine.

FAC3 can help you craft the perfect CV and stay in the know on the shifting markets of your preferred industry to ensure you are hitting the ground running while you find the position you've been looking for.


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