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Tips to Keeping Motivated Through Job Hunting as a New Graduate

Updated: Jan 25

Finishing your school career and stepping into your new life after post-secondary is an incredibly exciting time. For many recent graduates, finishing off school is the first milestone in stepping into their adult lives. However, many new graduates in the world following the global COVID-19 pandemic have been faced with the scary and discouraging reality that many businesses have cut back on hiring or closing their doors altogether, leaving fewer jobs than there were before the outbreak.

The situation the world is in now is incredibly unforgiving, especially new graduates, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up all hope in finding that dream career you’re looking for. The feeling of discouragement could cause you to slow your hunt subconsciously, and now more than ever, you need to take a positive, flexible approach to job hunting if you want to set yourself apart from the crowd. Here are some ideas on how to keep yourself going forward with the right attitude while navigating this new world.

Persistence and endurance will win out perfection.

There is a belief that being the perfect candidate for your dream career is the only way to get in for an interview. This belief is simply untrue and can lead to earlier discouragement and difficulties in the self-reflection required to understand your strengths.

With the job market looking so bleak, focusing on the things you can’t change about yourself and your situation will not get you anywhere. Instead, it would help if you were putting your attention on improving your CV and how well you interview. Being unwavering and persistent in your hunt for that perfect position is the best way to find a job in these tumultuous times.

You don’t need the experience to craft a great CV.

New graduates often don’t have the job history of other applicants, simply because of the amount of time school takes up in a day and the age the average recent graduate is. This can leave recent graduates worried about this perceived deficiency, but there are ways to show the hiring team exactly what makes you qualified for the job despite your lack of experience.

Consider the transferable skills that have come from extracurricular activities, hobbies, volunteering positions and internships that you’ve had in the past. Even part-time work at fast-food restaurants or club awards can show the hiring manager who you are and your work ethic through your CV despite the potentially minimal job experience history listed.

There is only one way forward.

Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do to change the rough times we have entered because of the recent outbreak. As such, much of the situation going forward is unchangeable and will be something everyone is still dealing with for the foreseeable future. Though this may seem like a bad thing, it isn’t all bad.

There is never a “perfect” time to find a job, and when there are situations outside of your control, all you can do is keep pressing forward.

This will help you keep your spirits up, but your persistence will pay off as you keep finding new solutions to your situation as you go forward.


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