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The Best Career Blogs to Follow

In today's economic climate, finding a job can be extremely hard. Without the right strategies, approaches, and motivation, it's easy to get lost in an ocean of job applicants. Continuously developing yourself and your career is needed if you want to stay on top of the game.

One way to stay in the loop is finding career mentors. Although attending classes and motivational speeches might be out of your means, following a few blogs that share valuable career advice can be very beneficial. With so many bloggers sharing advice, it can be challenging knowing which ones to follow. Some bloggers share bogus tips to simply attract viewers to their blogs, while the advice they give holds no value.

To ease your search, we've compiled a list of bloggers worth following. Read on below if you want to start boosting your professional life!

1. The Bubble Blog

The passion behind each blog post is what really stands out about this site. Each writer shares experience from a been there, done that background, which makes these blog posts very valuable. Blog posts range from basic career advice to top interview tips. The guidance in these posts will give you a much-needed confidence boost and help you achieve great success in your career.

2. Classy Career Girl

Despite its name, this blog is valuable to both males and females. Anna Runyan found it in 2010, and it reaches millions of viewers weekly. This blog has been featured on Forbes' list of the 35 Most Influential Career Sites, and they offer career advice, goal-setting tips, and even some online training articles. Many people have been helped to launch their careers through this blog.

3. Monster

Although Monster is a job board, it also has a blog section. The articles posted in this section are fantastic, and they offer advice on topics such as job searching. If you need short, easy to read articles that comprise a vast amount of tips, then these will be perfect for you!

4. Ask a Manager

If you're already employed, then this blog will be great for you. The articles here cover a range of HR-related topics like guidance on managing some awkward work situations. Reading through these posts can be extremely valuable since all the advice shared is based on real experiences and problems you might encounter during your career. Knowing how to handle difficult work-related situations can make your career path much easier.

5. High Powered Professional

If you want too fast track your career success, you can read through this blog. Everything is covered here, from paycheck protection to finding your passion. If you're unemployed, you'll find blog posts with valuable information about why and they even share tips on finding a job.

Following career advice blogs can help boost your career path, though having personal interaction with professionals should always be a priority. If you need more guidance, tips, or help in any aspect of your career, contact FAC3 today for a professional, personal career-boosting experience.


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