• Adam Farrugia

Successful Job Searching in a New Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe impact to a lot of industries. Many businesses involved in travel, retail, and hospitality had to close, which resulted in many losing their jobs. For those affected, it may be wise to try job searching and finding a similar role in different industries. Below are some simple ways you may use to find a good job in a new industry.

Consider & Weigh Up Your Options

Job hunting is never easy, and most people hate the process. Changing careers isn’t any easier as well. This is why spending much time considering and weighing what your options are is essential.

Assess the jobs that you’ve had over the years. Ask yourself what skills you’ve managed to learn and develop in your past employments. Evaluate your qualifications and capabilities against what is available in the market. Check if there are available jobs that will fit you, or business opportunities that you can undertake.

With the situation we are in right now, you might need to explore having an online job or an online business. If you end up getting interested in a business, just make sure you research it well. Get a thorough understanding of the risks you might be taking.

Gain More Qualifications & Skill Sets and Highlight them

To have more options in your job search, try attending courses and study new skills that are easy to learn in just a short amount of time. Look for courses that can enhance the skills you already have. See if there are other courses that teach new skills that are related to what you presently do, or what you plan to do in the future.

It is never too late to try out new things and to hone the skills you already have. In the situation we are in right now, it is actually easier to take new courses as there are many available online. It might cost you a bit, so, make sure your investment is worth it.

Preparing a CV & Cover Letter

CV’s represent your talents, skills, and experiences. It has to reflect how good you’d be for the position you are applying for. Having a well-organised CV and cover letter is a must. If you need professional help in making an excellent CV, consult with FAC3. We specialise in developing the best CVs for job hunters.

Final Thoughts

COVID-19 has greatly affected the workforce. It has caused financial hardships for many people who have lost their jobs and many countries are already in recession. But on the brighter side of things, the job market industry is still very much active. There are still careers that are consistently thriving. So, if you need to have a change of career, just make sure you’re well planned and prepared for it. Be creative and smart with how you handle the job hunting and application process.


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