• Adam Farrugia

So, you've got another job rejection email...

Updated: Jan 24

That dreaded email. You get the notification and head over to your inbox with excitement, your eyes scanning the paragraph... "We regret to inform you we won't be moving forward with your application." Your heart sinks - another rejection. So what do you do now?

👉 Take a break

If you've spent weeks doing nothing but scrolling LinkedIn, job boards, and recruitment sites, then it's time to take a break. Shut your laptop, grab a book, and head to your nearest coffee shop or park. Take in the fresh air and do something that you enjoy. This break will do wonders for your mental health to give yourself the clarity you need to keep fighting.

👉 Stay positive

Someone is filling each of these job positions, right? So why can't that be you one day? You're not alone in being rejected and one day you won't be the one liking all of the "I got a job!" posts on LinkedIn - you'll be posting one. You won't be jobless forever, it's just taking a little extra time to find your dream role.

👉 Volunteer

Pursue your hobbies and passions by volunteering. This is a great way to gain experience and add something extra to your CV. Employers will see that you're passionate about the field you're entering because you're taking the time to do it outside of work. There are many options for volunteering out there from short-term events to long-term projects. Find an organisation you're passionate about and get involved!

👉 Seek feedback

If you've been following the same equation for a while, then something's not adding up. It's time to take a step back and reevaluate. Send your CV and cover letter to someone for feedback and be open to the advice they give you. Rework your CV until you're confident that it portrays you in the best light as a potential candidate. This can be from people in your network, recruiters, or even by joining online seminars about CV writing and job hunting.

👉 Grow your network

The majority of jobs these days aren't advertised online. Utilise the people you know to get your name out there. The more people see you and recognise that you're job hunting and what you're looking for, the more people will be able to find you when they need to hire. Network on websites like LinkedIn and The Dot or join online networking events and job fairs in your city. This can be a great way to get your name out there. Don't forget to follow up too! Keep your connections warm so they're always around to lend you a helping hand.

You won't be jobless forever.

It can be disheartening to receive multiple job rejections in a row, but with some time off and a renewed sense of confidence, you can get back out there to show the world your best self. Remember - you're not defined by your job, you're defined by who you are!


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