Our 5 top tips for creating a CV that’s optimised for ATS

Read the job description carefully.
When you’re in the cycle of applying for jobs, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut of repetition, and forget that your CV should be tailored for each individual role. It’s vitally important that you take a good look at the job description to work out exactly what the recruiter is looking for. Make a note of key words and phrases, and ensure that you have included them on your own CV.

Think about the way you use a search engine. When you’re looking for something - say ‘brown shoes’- you type that phrase into the search bar. ATS works in a similar way for recruiters. ATS software will sift through all the potential CVs to find the ones that match the key words they are looking for.

Research the company and industry.
The more you know about the company you’re applying to work for, the easier it will be to write a CV that they’ll love, and that will fit the search terms of their ATS. Do as much research as you can and find out about their expectations for employees. The same goes for the industry you want to work in. You’ll already know a lot about the role, but it never harms to do a bit more research to give you that extra help.

Check your job titles.
Sometimes your job title and the job you actually do each day can be at odds with one another. Make sure that the job titles listed on your CV will be easily understood by others outside of the company you worked for. For example, if your job title is Consultant, but actually you do the role of a Sales Advisor, think about including those words instead - especially if you’re applying for the role of a Sales Advisor. Direct comparisons can make it easier for human recruiters as well as robots to understand where your experience lies.

Pay attention to the layout.
Avoid creating a weird and wacky design for your CV to ‘help yourself stand out’. It won’t work. Make sure your CV is formatted professionally and clearly, and that it's easy to read. Make use of bullet points to help create succinct points, and avoid waffle.

Think about your social media presence.

We’re all aware of how snazzy technology is becoming, and recruitment software is no different. Certain ATS software can search social media as well as your CV, so it’s essential that you do a quick socials check. Make sure your social media pages are private and delete any posts or photographs that you wouldn’t want your new boss to see!

Ultimately, writing a CV that’s suitable for ATS software is very similar to writing a good CV for real people to look at. Make sure it’s concise, clear and relevant.

Don’t be tempted to stuff keywords into your CV, or write specifically for ATS software, because after all, ATS software is only one step in the process, and you still need your CV to be easily read and understood by humans.

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