• Adam Farrugia

Mistakes You Could Be Making on LinkedIn

Updated: Jan 25

Professionals looking to hire, be hired, and connect with other professionals all find themselves on LinkedIn. The UK alone has over 28 million members on the website, and globally it boasts a staggering 690 million members. The statistics of LinkedIn’s aid for hopeful professionals are almost unreal, with only 7 seconds between every hire and 20 million open jobs right now, LinkedIn is one of -- if not the -- best sites to get started in your dream field.

Of course, with so many members looking to hire, there are just as many hoping to be hired. To ensure that you are not making potentially detrimental mistakes, you need to be careful in crafting your perfect LinkedIn account.

One of the most common and easily avoidable mistakes people make is the cursed empty boxes on their profile. Your LinkedIn profile is not the place to cut corners, with so many potential employers and positions available, you want to be sure you’re using every aid your profile gives you. LinkedIn offers you a built-in reason right on your profile to display your skills and flesh out your unique qualifications in a way few other platforms too, it would be a grave mistake to ignore these advantages that LinkedIn is offering.

This means a few essential things, first and foremost, don’t skimp on the details. Even when it comes to previous employments and education experience, dates alone won’t be enough. It would help if you fleshed out these areas with qualifications, responsibilities, and roles that you achieved or gained in these positions. If you reached any form of special achievement at school or your employment, list it. These types of details are essential to your profile.

More than just checking all the appropriate boxes and filling in all of the prompted details, you also want to be careful not to write like a robot. A bland writing style is a sure-fire way to create a boring profile, and no matter your qualifications, if you’re writing is hard to read through, no one will see how qualified you are.

Your profile should reflect your personality; if you are a well natured and good-humoured professional, this should be reflected in the writing on your profile.

The fourth pillar of LinkedIn is humour, so don’t be afraid to use puns and witty wording to spice up your text. This doesn’t mean that every sentence should be a joke, and your profile should be riddled in emoticons; instead, you need to practice moderation while displaying who you are.

While creating or recreating your profile, be sure to state your availability to work. Your goal is not to mislead potential employers. Your profile should be honest about work availability and qualifications while still conveying a strong presence to potential hiring teams that could be looking at your profile.

FAC3 can help you ensure that you’ve set yourself up for success by helping you create or review a CV for your account. When you are on the hunt for your dream job, ensuring that you are showing yourself to be a worthy candidate can seem overwhelming. CVs can be hard, but with the help of FAC3, they don’t have to be.


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