• Adam Farrugia

Job Hunting in the Age of Coronavirus

Reaching the point at which you need to find a new job can be disheartening, and the search to find the next good fit can be mentally and emotionally draining. This challenge has been compounded with many of the measures that have been put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But fortunately for all of us pandemic job hunters out there, this article will provide a few strategies that you can employ to hopefully find your own employment as soon as possible.

Keep Your Resume and Cover Letter Up to Date

This is a useful tip for job hunting anytime, not just during a pandemic. But with many places closed and thus making it unable to make a first impression by coming in and applying for a job in person, an emailed resume and cover letter are going to be your chance to make an impression to potential employers, so make sure all of the information is relevant and shows off the best parts of you as a worker.

And if you’re a person applying for positions in multiple industries or arenas, it may be helpful to have several drafts of your cover letter relevant to that particular field, that way you won’t have to keep overwriting it for every job you want to apply for. This approach saves time and effort.

Consider All of Your Skills – Even the New Ones

Once again, this seems like base level stuff. But if you’re looking to job switch from a position that has been working from home during the pandemic, consider the skills you’ve picked up or honed during that window of time that could prove to be useful. Have you become a Zoom expert or a Microsoft Teams guru? Add those things into your resume. As safety measures remain in place and many companies are re-evaluating their ratios of time spent in the office vs. time spent at home, knowing all of those working from home hacks may prove to be a valuable skill.

Additionally, if you find yourself with a lot of time on your hands, consider learning a new skill altogether, perhaps a marketable one like another language or computer programming. Take advantage of free online programs that would help strengthen your game.

Don’t Give Up!

This one is especially important. Because the world turned upside down thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, finding the right fit may take longer than you might expect it to take, but it’ll come eventually. In the meantime, it’s important to give yourself – as well as the employers who are also still trying to figure everything else out – a little bit of grace.

A Final Word

Job hunting at any time can be an exercise in perseverance and patience. But in a pandemic situation, this can be even more the case. But if you keep your skills and documentation of those skills up to date, then landing the perfect position should come all in due time.


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