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Is Your CV Doing Enough?

Updated: Jan 25

Writing a CV can feel like a long job. There’s a lot riding on all these little details! Therefore, there will also come a time where you might feel as though your CV isn’t doing enough for your job prospects. Are you firing applications away, but failing to get much interest back? Are you even struggling to get constructive feedback? It’s safe to assume that recruiters are busy people. However, there may be a few elements to your CV that just aren’t working for you.

Here’s a quick look at a few reasons why your CV might just not be doing enough for you.

Is Your CV Relevant?

One of the bigger traps that people can fall into with their CVs is relevance vs irrelevance. It’s easy to plug your CV full of detail about your ancient work experience and your hobbies. However, not many recruiters, or their automated services, are going to be focusing on this side of things. However, you shouldn’t be too hasty to water things down completely.

Instead, think about the details that are most relevant to recruiters. Offer information that sets you apart from the pack. Show off specialist experience and qualifications. Show that you genuinely care about what you do. Don’t just plug your CV full of useless buzzwords and fluff! You should also have some form of link to an online portfolio or website.

It’s 2020 – how are you not doing this already?

Keep Editing Your CV

While you should always have a good ‘master’ CV to hand, you should be ready to adapt it to the different jobs you apply for. Recruiters across various industries know a catch-all CV when they see one. Therefore, be sure to make slight amendments for each job you apply for.

This not only shows that you have dedicated experience for the roles you apply to, but that you are ready to show recruiters and job roles that you genuinely care about the jobs you are applying for. It’s a good balance to make. Of course, if you approach a professional CV writer, they will show you how to adapt this side of things time after time.

Are You Getting to Interviews?

One good way to tell whether or not your CV is doing its job or not is to count the number of interviews you actually get off the back of a submission. You’ve likely heard the excuse ‘there was a high volume of applicants’. This is sometimes true, but just how many times have you heard it? Regardless of how many applicants there are for a job, if your CV was good enough, you’d have made it to interview!

If you’re not getting interviews, it’s because your CV lacks that ‘wow’ factor. But how do you achieve this in the long run? You’re going to need to look carefully, and deeply, into how your CV reads to other people.

The best thing you can do right now is approach a professional CV writer and editor. They will have the knowledge, expertise and second viewpoint you need to make a splash in your industry.

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