• Adam Farrugia

How to Land a Job with No Experience

Whether you're just starting or decided to change your career path, finding a job can be challenging. During these tough pandemic times, doing so has become even harder. It goes without saying that you'll need some experience in a particular field to land a job. Yet, it would be best if you had a job in a specific field to gain the needed experience. It's a classic catch-22 situation and can prove to be incredibly frustrating.

Lucky for you, there's some good news! With the right attitude, determination, and creativity, you'll be able to beef up your application and ace your interview.

Revamp your CV

Start by compiling an impressive CV. Make sure to highlight your talents and skills that will be handy for the position you're applying to. Listing your soft skills is excellent when you don't have any experience. Place focus on your ability to motivate others, participate in team tasks, organise or take leadership. Create your CV so that potential employers can see how you will contribute to their company's future.

Apply for the Right Positions

Wanting to start at the top with no prior experience is probably not the smartest move to make. Applying for entry-level positions or internships will have the highest success rate, and if you're any good, you'll be able to work your way to a better position in no time.

Embrace your Inexperience and Make it Known

Not having any experience in a particular field is nothing to be ashamed of. However, being dishonest about it is. Embrace the fact that you lack experience and use this as your biggest motivation to learn. In your cover letter or interview, bring up an example of another instance where you lacked experience and used this as a motivation to make a success of the situation. Doing this will show that you're dedicated and committed to learning and growth, which is a trait that hiring agents are looking for in fitting candidates.

Find and Mention a Link

When you don't have the experience, you need to tie yourself to a company in another way. Research the company you're applying to and find a link that will connect your personal life or educational background to them. This might not be easy to do, but employers like working with people who can connect with their company on some level.

Educate Yourself

Before going for your interview, educate yourself on the company and position. Research as much as possible, take extra online skills courses or interact with others in the same career field to gain knowledge that you can use to guarantee your success.

Having little experience doesn't need to keep you from landing a good job during this pandemic. More than ever before, employers are looking for employees committed to helping their companies stay open. Be professional, remain honest, and show potential employers that you already have the foundation laid out to succeed in the position you applied for.


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