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How Long Should My CV Be?

Updated: Jan 25

The length of your CV is highly dependent on the kind of job you’re applying to, the career you’ve had, and the field or industry you wish to work in.

Depending on how far you are in your career, and whether you are applying for entry-level or more senior roles, will heavily affect both the length and contents of your CV.

So how long should a resume be?

Below, we’ve put together some pointers on assessing how long your CV should be.

Does size matter?

When it comes to your CV, it most certainly does.

Most recruiters agree that a two-page resume is the perfect length – and for most people who are relatively established in their careers, this is standard.

However, if you’re a recent graduate applying for an entry-level position, chances are you’ve only had part time work experience to date.

Is a one-page resume enough?

When choosing the length of your CV, think carefully about what to include.

If you’re only just starting out, a one-page CV can be an excellent way for graduates and first-time job hunters to summarise their work experience and skills.

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When to use a two-page resume

Even if you’re early in your career, a two-page CV might be more appropriate.

For example, graduates might find it particularly useful to include any voluntary work they’ve undertaken during their studies, or detail their research experience, if it suits the role.

And, you can include a skills section to include any other transferrable skills you’ve picked up along the way.

However, you should always ensure that the experience you put on your resume is relevant to both the role and the industry you are looking to work in.

Strip your FAC3

When you’ve gathered a lot of good work experience under your belt, it can be particularly difficult to try and trim the fat.

But, needs must.

Most recruiters will not sift through overly-detailed CVs. They want clear, concise information, which draws attention to any keywords or experience as detailed in the job specification.

Don’t inflate your experiences or pad the length out with overt description – simple but informative contents is best.

Find out more.

Can I have a three-page CV?

Did you know: most industries will not consider work experience older than two years to be of any relevance to a current position.

That being said, there are some instances whereby a three-page resume is essential.

For example, academic resumes utilised by early-career researchers, lecturers, and professors can be eat least 3-4 pages long. Crazy right?

However, the standard CV for most roles and industries two A4 sides.

As a result, even if you’re applying to directorate roles, we’d recommend that any experience over 5 years old is summarised briefly with start date, end date, and job title.

After all, any work experience which you can’t include in your CV can always be refenced in a covering letter.

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