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Did You Nail Your Interview?

Updated: Jan 28

6 Good Signs That Your Interview Was Successful

Interviews can be equally nerve-wracking and exciting, and walking out of after an interview can feel like a weight off your shoulders. However, once you’ve completed your interview, you’re left to wonder how well you did and wait until they reach out to you again. No doubt, the impatience and suspense of not knowing will cause you to go over every detail in your mind.

How can you be sure that you nailed your interview or if you may need to reconsider your preparation strategy? A successful interview can be seen through these six signs that you did well.

1. The Interviews Word Choice

An interview is a sign that your resume was enough to get you in front of the hiring manager, and now all they want to see is if you, as a person, would be good for the role. Many interviewers are often are considering the outcome of this interview in real-time, and subconsciously they start changing their language. For example, the hiring manager saying “when you start” instead of vague terms like if and the candidate that does. These little hints can tell you that you’ve at least impressed the interviewer.

2. Good Conversation Flow

If the conversation with the interviewer went well and flowed smoothly, you are likely looking pretty good so far. An interviewer isn’t just looking at qualifications; they want to see if you’ll fit into the pre-existing work environment and company culture. Personality and qualifications are both important to how your potential as a candidate during an interview.

3. Being Introduced to the Team

Before the end of your interview, if you were shown around the main office and introduced to the team, that is a great sign. It would be a colossal waste of time to introduce every candidate to the team at every interview; this is a practice that is only done if you are already looked upon as a favourable candidate. Whether they call someone in to meet you or show you around the office to introduce you, this is a good sign you nailed your interview.

4. Positive Affirmations

Don’t get too caught up in nerves and getting things right that you stop paying attention to the interviewer’s body language. If they’re smiling while you speak and nod along with what you’re saying, that is a great sign. Eye contact is important, but don’t get so focused on holding eye contact that you forget to take in these little tells.

5. The Job Was Being “Sold” to You

Just like it’s important to take in their body language, don’t forget to take notice of how they talk about the job with you. Interviewers do talk about the role and details of the position but listen to how they talk about it. Are they talking highly of this role? Are they seemingly trying to convince you this role is perfect for your qualifications? All of these are good signs that they’re hoping you say yes when they put the offer out to you.

6. You Discussed Salary Expectations

The interviewer will often avoid discussing salary expectations with a candidate they’re not planning on hiring. If the discussion is brought up by you or the interviewer, and you find yourself talking about salary with them, that can only be a great sign.

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