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CV clichés and buzzwords: How to avoid them

Updated: Jan 24

Writing your own CV is often one of the hardest parts of applying for new jobs. You want to show your qualifications in the best way possible, without overselling it. You will most likely not be the only name in a pile, so how do you make yourself stand out in the crowd?

Most of the time, applicants stuff their CVs with clichés and buzzwords trying to impress recruiters. I only write real strengths and use professional language, you might think, but you'll most likely find at least a few of these words in your resume.

So, why should you avoid using these clichés in your resume?

  • They provide vague descriptions

  • They do not promote your personality

  • They are used excessively

  • They give no value to recruiters

The intention of delivering your resume to a recruiter is to stand out. There are red flags in most communication, but these buzzwords will most likely not get you the job. Why? - because they are don't have an effect, you believe they do.

  • Results-driven

  • Creative

  • Passionate

  • Dynamic

  • Highly motivated

  • Curriculum Vitae (Put CV, don't waste our time)

  • Always Give 110%

  • Hardworking

Was I right that you found at least one of these on your CV? - Probably.

Most job applicants fill their CV with these words to make themself sound professional. I'm hardworking, always give 110%, and highly motivated. It sounds more like a sports ad than a person you'd like to employ.

You should always put in the effort to create your CV as personal as possible. A quick search for a CV template where you just fill in the blanks won't result in many phone calls.

Remember that your CV is your way in the door. It should represent a fair view of who you are and what you value to the recruiter. You should pay attention to every detail on the paper. It shouldn't be too long and detailed, or too short and lacking. The language should be fluent, formal, but not too formal. All these details to bear in mind might make it sound like it's hard to create the perfect CV.

One way to avoid this issue entirely is by asking the professional team's help from FAC3 to help you ensure that your CV stands the test and lands you that interview.


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