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5 Tips to Customise Your CV For Each Application

Updated: Jan 24

Are you curious as to why you might not be landing jobs? The answer could be a generic CV.

Tips to help your applications include a template CV to really deliver yourself to prospective firms, then emphasising your most significant experiences, understanding company wants and avoiding overindulgence on you CV. This can then be reviewed by professionals to ensure that you are on the right track.

This article explores these points in greater depth, so if you want to land your dream job, keep reading.

Using a template -

Creating a template CV with everything you have done, attractive to an employer, to work off of is an amazing idea as you can tailor your application this way. By doing this, you can input and remove any useful or useless information that employers are searching for, (something discussed in greater depth below) whether it is the experiences that you are listing, or any specific references.

Emphasising your experiences -

A key part of job hunting is demonstrating that you have the applicable experience to do the job. If you don’t, that is one thing to consider getting already. Once this experience is gained however, make sure you flesh it out as much as possible in your application, drawing out every applicable skill you have learned to demonstrate that you are suitable for the position.

Understanding what the company wants from you -

The point above works in conjunction with this next one, as you must apply your relative experience to job applications. Applying to a law firm describing your experience as a chef isn’t going to get you very far generally, but if you realise that the company wants someone with high teamwork skills, make sure that you mention the skills you learned from this, blinding mentioning irrelevant experience is likely to limit your chances. Companies consider applications against the skills that they list in job adverts, so ensuring that you know what they want, this will really help you tailor your CV to each specific firm from your template CV.

Be careful not to overindulge -

That being said however, make sure not to bombard the company with everything you have done, as this could show a lack of focused interest when firms consider applications. As mentioned earlier, to-the-point applications detailing appropriate experience is more likely to catch recruiters’ eyes, unless you are able to prove how these activities have given you transferable skills that will allow you to do the job.

Consider a professional review -

Chances are, if you have followed the above requirements you will be in the process of getting that job that you are working so hard for, but if you need some clarity on your application, it might be worth getting your CV reviewed by a professional, such as a careers service, who can help you tailor your CV, as they are professionally trained to give advice in a variety of careers sectors, putting you ahead of the competition!

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