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Common Mistakes That Might Harm Your Working Relationships

Updated: Jan 25

If you want to get ahead in any kind of career, you are going to need to work with other people! It is simply the way of the world. You can’t expect to shut your door and to make money without getting involved with a few customers, clients and colleagues. Whether working from home or in an office, however, there are a few things you are going to need to keep conscious of.

Working relationships are very important! Without them, you are going to risk damaging not only your own career, but the productivity and morale of your environment. Here are a few common mistakes that we all make when it comes to building professional, working relationships. They can all be avoided!

Don’t Make Excuses – Unless They Are Genuine

Do you really want to be known as the sort of person who shirks deadlines, and who is constantly making excuses? Probably not. There will be circumstances, certainly in uncertain times such as these, where you may need to extend a deadline or two, or to be more flexible than you initially stated.

The best thing you can do to avoid these scenarios is, of course, to ensure you have the capacity to take on work. If things are likely to change along the way, make sure you set expectations. Otherwise, if you do need to make an excuse, it must be genuine – and rare.

Don’t Use Work Time for Personal Concerns

Again, emergencies and personal crises do happen. They are, sadly, facts of life. However, what you’re really going to need to think about when on the job is just that – the job. Try to separate your work and personal lives as much as possible.

You stand to damage plenty of working relationships if you are constantly browsing the web for personal reasons at your desk. If you are using work systems and materials for personal ends, you are going to earn a fairly poor reputation pretty quickly. Be professional – if you need time out, ask a supervisor – but don’t take the mickey.

Understand Give and Take

In business and work across all industries, you should always give before you take. To really build mutually beneficial experiences, you’re going to need to make sure you give your colleagues support. You should be ready offer this first, and never to expect anything back. It’s a simple trait of altruism that works really well in helping to build firm, dependable working relationships.

Open Yourself Up

Finally, one of the worst things you can do in any line of business is to close yourself off. By limiting your working circle, you are going to give off the impression that you have a sense of ‘clique’. This can be dangerous.

Open yourself up to everyone professionally! Make sure your team knows that you are available to support them in all that they do. Show that you genuinely care, and that you don’t play sides.

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