• Adam Farrugia

Are You an Achiever?

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Receiving more CV's than a company has time to read is expected, so when it comes to sifting through the piles to generate a list for interviews, a straightforward sort is applied. Bin the 'doer' and shortlist the 'achiever,' it is that simple. If you want that all-important interview, you need to be clear from the outset that you are an achiever. Sadly, many candidates fail to make the cut simply because the language used on their CV stops short of selling them as the achiever they are. So, you need to ensure your resume screams achiever, and we can show you how to do that.

Stop Listing!

CV's tend to follow a familiar list form, but how you choose to present your history makes all the difference to your chances. Of course, listing past education facilities, grades/qualifications, and previous roles are pretty much a given. However, it is how you present your ability to carry out each job that speaks volumes. Recruiters do not want a job description or a list of tasks the role attracts; they want to see what you did with the position.

A bland list of scheduled tasks belongs to a doer, not an achiever and will fail to get you through to interview. An achiever has learned to stand out as the motivated, attractive candidate every business would like to interview. This is easier than you might think; you need to showcase yourself, so recruiters see you as an achiever from the moment they pick up your CV.

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How Does an Achiever Stand Out?

When it comes to sharing your experience, you want to focus on the things you have accomplished. You still need to list your previous roles, but rather than focus on a 'job description’ list of what the role entailed, use the space to shine. Use statements like:

  • During my time at the company, I was able to change…

  • The changes I made were able to impact the company in the following ways…

  • I was able to show initiative when I…

  • When a particular scenario happened, I was able to take charge…

You may well have been taught in the past that you shouldn't be bragging, but times have changed. It is now vital that you show the hiring team what you can do and why you will be an asset to their company. Phrased factually, you will appear confident and capable, so don't worry about bragging; it is what they want to see. Your resume cannot be pages long, so work on succinctly selling yourself. Practise using language that sells you right now by going back over your past roles and using the statements above to explain the impact you made in a previous company. It will soon become second nature.

Before we leave you, a final word of warning, we are not suggesting you embroider the truth and make claims you cannot back up. Lies will undoubtedly come back to bite you. You want the recruiters to see the real you, the hardworking achiever they have been looking for.