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7 Post-Redundancy CV And Job-Hunting Tips

Updated: Jan 24

Returning to the career ladder after a long time in a job might seem daunting for most. Being made redundant or reaching the end of your contract without the option to renew might feel like a defeat.

If you've been in the same role for many years, adjusting back into the applicant's position might be challenging. You might not have an up to date CV or know where to start looking.

To help you get started, we've collected these seven tips for getting back into the job market.

👉 Stick with a positive mindset

For most people, being made redundant would seem like a defeat. Keeping a positive mindset and approaching the new reality will help on your way to success.

Remember that in challenging times many companies are forced to reduce or change their work staff. This doesn't mean you've done a lousy job, or that it's your fault.

👉 Don't settle for the first job

Being unemployed might seem scary, and most applicants jump on the opportunity to get a new job. Don't settle for a job position beneath your qualifications solely to get employed.

There might be a long time since you were in the job market last, and new opportunities might have occurred. Turn your redundancy into a strategic choice by making a list of jobs or positions you would like to have.

Make sure you take the next step up on the career ladder, not one step back.

👉 Update your CV

If you've been in the same job for a long time, the chances are that your CV is outdated. Make sure to update your CV, making it up to date before applying for new jobs. Sending out an old CV will have a negative effect.

👉 Reference your redundancy

Involuntarily redundancy is nothing to be ashamed of, referring to your redundancy in your CV might be valuable. Don't give it too much time, but a few words on why will give your CV a personal touch.

👉 Prepare a reply to why you left your last job

One of the most common questions recruiters ask potential applicants is why they left their old job. Being made redundant is not your fault, but preparing a good answer before interviews will be strategic.

It's much easier to give an objective response with sound reasoning if you've thought through it before the question arrives.

👉 Use the Internet to your benefit

Technology has made the role of applicants much more comfortable over the last decade. Online platforms collect job descriptions from thousands of companies in one place, making the hunt for your next dream job more manageable.

Use these tools to navigate the market and keep up to date on what's available out there. Find your search words, utilise notifications, and stay ahead of the competition.

👉 Use your Network

Networking has become an integrated part of how we socialise today. Platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn can give you valuable leads to your next job. Utilise the length of your network and tap into useful connections.

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