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5 Positive Updates From the Job Market

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The job market has had a big challenge on its hands after the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that most of the workforce has returned to work, people have had to grapple with the job market for the first time in nearly two years.

So, what we thought we would do is take a good look at things and share five positive stories about the current state of the job market.

Employment is Up

When the pandemic hit the UK, one of the first casualties was employment. A lot of people went into the furlough scheme or were let go from their position. In either case, it wasn’t good.

Thankfully, the end of the pandemic and the return to everyday life has brought employment back to a high level. The Office of National Statistics reports that in the six month period leading up to June 2021, employment rose month-by-month.

There are More Vacancies

You might have heard some people talk about alabour shortage - there aren’t enough skilled professionals to fill positions. Ordinarily, this isn’t good, but if you’re looking to change careers, it might just be positive.

Did you struggle to break into a competitive industry in the past? Well, you might find that nowadays, you’re going to have a lot more success at finding your dream job. Many sectors have vacancies to fill, which means there’s never been a better time to start applying.

Wages are Rising

Generally speaking, the average wages of a worker are going up, which is a positive development. Wages have been rising since the start of 2020 - made possible thanks to a flourishing economy.

Of course, the wages you earn will vary depending on what you do and how qualified you are. However, the average weekly salary is growing across the board, which can only be good news.

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Working Hours are Increasing

To be a shift worker in the modern workplace is to encounter wildly varying hours. Many people have a “zero-hours contract”, which means that technically, they aren’t entitled to anything but have to take what they can get.

It’s a headache for many in that position, but it’s also not as permanent as it used to be, thanks to increased working hours across the board. Shift workers are now getting the chance to work more, which means that they’ll earn more.

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Redundancy is Down

Redundancy is one of the biggest challenges for any worker - the idea you can lose your job is difficult. However, redundancy has gone down recently and is currently sitting at pre-pandemic levels, which are relatively low.

The easier explanation? Fewer people are being made redundant, which means that statistically, there’s better job security.

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, the trends in the job market at the moment are overwhelmingly positive. It will be easy to get access to the best possible jobs and vacancies, which is nice. Hopefully, we’ll see the job market continue to progress and move forward because it directly benefits workers.

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