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5 Job Sectors to Get You Through a Recession

Updated: Jan 25

When a recession hits the UK, unemployment rises, making your job-hunting that much harder. Due to COVID19, economies worldwide are suffering (in varying degrees). Are you looking for a recession-proof job? There are several essential jobs to choose from when facing a recession.

Most of these jobs require some form of training or higher education. However, if you have any qualifications for the below jobs, updating your resume and CV is a necessary step toward success. If you do not have the training, investigate your options first. It may be difficult to put time into a new career but doing so could save you some rough sailing. The following is a list of essential jobs, even during times of recession.

1. Law Enforcement

Amid hardship or ease, law enforcement remains the same. Criminals still need to be caught, and citizens need to be protected. The police do not experience the same kind of "lay-offs" as the rest of the workforce. Their jobs are considered essential to the country's existence and fundamental workings. Joining the police can be a difficult process (for experienced and unexperienced alike), but we are here to help you put together a professional application.

2. Healthcare

In an economic crisis, the injured still require care, and the elderly, assistance. Healthcare workers are essential to meet the basic needs of the population ranging from infants to adults. Even if injury rates decline, healthcare workers are on call in case of unforeseen emergencies. We want to help you get into healthcare if this is the career choice for you.

3. Emergency Services

The fire department, emergency medical teams, ambulance services, and more are emergency services needed and required, even in times of recession. If firemen are "laid-off," who will save us from the flame? In times of peace and in times of unrest, emergencies are still emergencies. They require just as much attention and precaution as they ever have before (if not more so). Joining emergency services is a difficult process and requires a professional resume.

4. Education

While the current predicament demands we stay at home, education is as important as ever. Teachers have moved their content online for their students' viewing needs, and parents help their children stay on track. The demand for teachers, educational directors, and so forth is just as important in a recession as it is in a pandemic. Nothing is more important than our children. They must learn to carry out their futures to the fullest, and the education department is determined to help them do it, come rain or shine. Are you interested in becoming a teacher? Writing a CV is a difficult process whether you are new to the field or not.

5. Utilities

Regardless of the economic climate, someone needs to monitor your utility bills. These people are the invisible (yet essential) interworking of society; they keep lights running and water flowing. Without them, the very structure of the modern age is undermined. If you want to apply to be a utility engineer, you must have a professionalised CV.

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