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5 CV Trends You Might Encounter With Millennials

Millennials (those aged between 22 and 37) now comprise over 50% of the world’s population. This group of young people are well-known for their resourcefulness, ingenuity and tech-savvy ways. As a result, many millennials are breaking free from the restrictions of old-fashioned job applications to present themselves in new and interesting ways. The world of employment is more competitive than ever before and millennials are just trying to stand out in the crowd.

For an employer it may seem strange at first when you are presented with something like a video resume instead of a traditional written one, but it does not need to be. The following five trends are becoming increasingly common in millennial’s CVs and they provide great opportunities to get to know a candidate quicker and decide if they are the right fit for your organisation.

1. Video Resumes

In this modern technological age we live in, no longer are written applications the only way to go. More and more young people are turning to video format to present themselves to potential employers. This is something that more and more companies are embracing, as well, as a video resume has benefits over the traditional written one.

For example, a video resume shows that an applicant is trying to think outside the square and do something a bit more creative. This is great for you as an employer, as it is always best to have employees that are innovative. A video resume is also a great way to get a snapshot of a candidate’s personality – it is much easier to tell if they are confident or not through a video than it is through a written application. This allows you to refine your list of candidates a lot more quickly and a lot more easily. Also, video resumes make it quick and easy to show a range of applications to stakeholders, senior staff and clients.

2. Links to personal websites and blogs

A lot of people have a personal blog or website these days. These sites can have various purposes: for some people they may function as a digital portfolio of their work, for other people they may be more of a hobby, such as a tech review blog. Whatever the purpose for the site, you can guarantee that if it is at all relevant to a job application, the prospective candidate will include it in their CV.

A personal blog or website is a great thing for a candidate to include in their job application because it is great evidence of their skills and abilities. For example, if a person has applied for a copywriting job, being able to see some of their previous work can help you determine if they are the right fit for the company. It is also a great way for them to support the information in their CV.

Finally, if you are looking to recruit new employees in the industry, searching for personal blogs and websites can be a great way to source new talent.

3. Links to personal YouTube channels

As mentioned previously when discussing the inclusion of links to personal blogs and websites, links to YouTube channels are a great way for a candidate to show off their skills and experience.

The great thing about YouTube channels is that they combine the benefits of a personal blog of website and a video resume – not only can you get more of an accurate gauge as to a candidate’s skills, you can also get more of an idea of their personality. This can really help to streamline the hiring process.

Also, personal YouTube channels work the same way as personal blogs and websites in that they can be a great way to identify new talent you may wish to recruit.

4. Details about volunteering experience

The job world is a lot more competitive for millennials than it was for previous generations. Nowadays an “entry level job” does not really mean “entry level” – it still requires proven experience. For many millennials the only way to get this experience is through charitable projects such as volunteering.

This is a great thing for an employer. First of all, it shows that the candidate you are considering has skills and experience that can be brought to their new role. They will likely have improved customer service skills, time management skills and organisation skills, and they may have even gained practical experience that can help them in the job they are applying for. Volunteering also shows that a candidate is dedicated to improving not only themselves but the world around them, and that they are willing to work hard for what they want. These are great attributes for any prospective employee to have.

5. Details about other business ventures

It is quite common these days for millennials to have some sort of part-time business they run themselves. This can be something as simple as an Etsy shop to something more complex like producing their own wine.

Seeing these details on an application is a big positive for any employer for two main reasons. First of all it means that your potential new employee probably has excellent time-management skills in order to be able to work their main job and successfully run this side venture. Secondly they likely have many transferable skills that are proven by this side venture, such as management skills, communications skills and even practical skills relevant to the job. A candidate who has volunteer experience on their resume will set themselves out from other candidates who do not, making the hiring process easier if you are stuck between two well-qualified applicants.

The Bottom Line

As an employer you will have more and more millennials applying for the jobs you advertise each year. You will also be seeing more and more of these millennial CV trends. It is important to embrace and encourage these trends, as they will help you source the best professionals for your organisation. The five trends on this list not only help you streamline the application process but help you find better talent quickly.


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